• Mar 12 2018


    Dear Physicists, Students, and Researchers,

    We would like to inform you about the upcoming conference on QUANTUM MANY-BODY SYSTEMS FAR FROM EQUILIBRIUM, taking place 12-16 March 2018 in Stellenbosch (South Africa). The workshop aims at bringing together researchers from a variety of fields related to nonequilibrium quantum physics, including condensed matter physics, cold atomic physics, quantum information, and statistical physics. More information about the event is available on the workshop webpage

    For more information please view the conference website http://bit.ly/2yoo0pO

    where you also find an online registration form. Some financial support is available for postgraduate students and postdocs, see registration information on the website for details.

    Please distribute this information to other individuals with similar interests!

    Best regards,
    Michael Kastner (on behalf of the organisers).