• Graduate bursary scheme. Funded by the National Research Foundation (NRF)

    The National Institute for Theoretical Physics - Bursaries 2016

    The National Institute for Theoretical Physics (NITheP) offers bursaries on the Honours, Masters and Doctoral levels for students studying in Theoretical Physics. These bursaries are available at ALL South African tertiary institutions.

    In cases where there is no formal program in Theoretical Physics, we will endeavour to support graduate projects which qualify as being of a theoretical physics nature by involving co-supervisors from those institutions which do host such programs.

    Value and duration of the bursaries are (subject to annual revision)

    Honours degree: R50,000 (per annum) for one year full time study

    Masters degree: R80,000 (per annum) for maximum two years full time study

    Doctoral degree: R100,000 (per annum) for maximum three years full time study

    A call for applications will be sent out on the 1st of October every year (or earlier) and will close at the beginning of November each year.

    Please note the following:

    When doing the on-line registration form, you will be asked to upload a letter from your Supervisor in support of your Bursary application. (Please see the below heading for an example of such letter).

    You will be notified of the outcome of your application via an email from Ms Monique Louw.

    Should have any problems with the submission of your online application form, please contact Mrs Rene Kotze at 021-808-2653 or skype rene.kotze or via email on renekotze(at)

    Please only contact Mrs Rene Kotze if you have a problem with the submission of your online application form via the NITheP website. For all other queries and communication related to bursaries, please contact Ms Monique Louw moniquel(at) or 021-808-2649.

    IMPORTANT: Students may not apply for a NITheP bursary if they already hold one of the following bursaries:


    Please note that there are limited places for foreign students.

    Letter of support

    The purpose of the letter of support is in order for the HOD or Supervisor to be aware that their student intends to submit an application to attend the summer school as well as to motivate their student's application.

    Please upload this letter along with the study record as one single PDF file when completing the application form on this page.

    The format of the letter could be something to this effect:

    "To Whom It May Concern,

    I support the application of __________________(student name) for the (2016 Chris Engelbrecht school).

    Signed: _____________________
    Print: ___________________"

    Information for current i.e. 2014 NITheP Bursary holders (with regards to extension of current Bursary or continuation with further degree for which a NITheP Bursary is required)

    Continuation of current NITheP Bursary:

    If you are currently a NITheP bursary holder (2015), and you wish to continue with your current degree, please e-mail the following to Ms Monique Louw

    • Progress report (signed by your Supervisor) Deadline 01 November 2015
    • Proof of registration

    Bursary for further degree:

    If you have completed a degree with a NITheP Bursary during 2015, and you would like to do a further degree in 2016, you have to complete a new application via the Bursary application form on this page.

    Closing date

    Closing date for Bursary applications to be submitted is the 01 November 2015.

    If you are interested to apply for a NITheP bursary for 2015, please complete the application form on this page.