• Jun 18 2015

    Prof Emanuel Malek (UCT)

    The Mandelstam and National Institutes for Theoretical Physics will host the following a seminar this week. We hope to see you there.

    Date and Time: Thursday 18 June, 13:20

    Venue: P216

    Speaker: Emanuel Malek (UCT)

    Title: Exceptional field theory and gauged supergravity

    Abstract: I will give an introduction to exceptional field theory (EFT) which is a manifestly U-duality covariant rewriting of 11-dimensional supergravity that geometrises both p-form gauge transformations and diffeomorphisms. I will focus on the SL(5) covariant formulation which is applicable to dimensional reductions to 7-dimensional supergravity. I will show that this EFT contains the 7-dimensional theories coming from 11-dimensional supergravity as well as 10-dimensional IIB supergravity on an equal footing. I will then apply EFT to understand 7-dimensional gauged supergravities. In particular, I will show how the embedding tensor of the gauged supergravities is realised as the torsion of the Weitzenboeck connection in EFT. Furthermore, it is now easy to derive the complicated non-linear Ansaetze for compactifications on spheres (and hyperboloids) and prove their consistency. Finally, I will discuss ongoing work and present some new sphere and hyperboloid compactifications of the IIB theory.

    Kind regards
    Izak Snyman