• Feb 18 2015

    Prof. Stephane Attal, Camille Jordan Institute, University of Lyon

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    Please be reminded of a seminar today.

    Title: Entanglement of bipartite systems driven by repeated quantum interactions”

    Prof. Stephane Attal, Camille Jordan Institute, University of Lyon

    We consider a non-interacting bipartite quantum system A-B undergoing repeated quantum interactions with an environment modeled by a chain of independent quantum systems interacting one after the other with the bipartite system. The interactions are made so that the pieces of environment interact first with A and then with B. Even though the bipartite systems are not interacting, the interac- tions with the environment create an entanglement. We show that, in the limit of short interaction times, the environment creates an effective interaction Hamiltonian between the two systems. This interaction Hamiltonian is explicitly computed and we show that it keeps track of the order of the successive interactions with A and B. Particular physical models are studied, where the evolution of the entanglement can be explicitly computed. We also show the property of return of equilibrium and thermalization for a family of examples.

    Date: 18 February 2015

    Time: 14h15 -15h15

    Venue: NITheP Seminar Room, H-Block, 3rd Floor

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