• Jan 27 2015

    Dr. Arpan Bhattacharyya (Indian Institute Of Science, Bangalore)

    The National Institute for Theoretical Physics, and the Mandelstam Institute for Theoretical Physics, School of Physics, would like to invite to its coming talk in the theoretical physics seminar series, entitled:

    "Entanglement entropy functionals for higher derivative gravity theories"

    to be presented by Dr. Arpan Bhattacharyya (Indian Institute Of Science, Bangalore)

    Abstract: It has been observed over past few years that there is a striking similarity between the holographic entanglement entropy for Einstein gravity given by Ryu-Takayanagi prescription and the black hole entropy. This connection has been made rigorous by Lewkowycz and Maldacena (LM) by generalizing the concept of black hole entropy for the cases with no killing symmetry in the time direction. LM method gives us a prescription for the derivation of the extremal surface equation hence the entanglement entropy functionals. It justifies the Ryu-Takayanagi prescription. Now the obvious interesting question to ask what happens for higher derivative gravity theories? There exists a simple generalization of black hole entropy formula for higher derivative gravity theories known as``Iyer-Wald" formula. But unlike the Einstein case the entanglement entropy functionals do not coincide with the Wald functionals. They match for the bifurcation surface but they differ from each other for more general surfaces. In this talk I will explore various issues regarding the ``derivation" of this entropy functionals in higher curvature theories using the LM prescription and how do they differ from the Wald entropy functionals derived by constructing the Noether charge and some open questions.

    Dates: Tuesday, 27th January 2015 - TODAY
    Venue: The Frank Nabarro lecture theatre, P216
    Time: 13.20 - 14.10

    I hope you shall all be able to attend,

    Yours sincerely,

    Alan S. Cornell

    School of Physics
    University of the Witwatersrand
    Private Bag 3
    Wits 2050
    South Africa