• Jan 22 2015

    News from MITP

    Dear colleague,

    I am pleased to invite you to contribute proposals for scientific programs at the Mainz Institute for Theoretical Physics (MITP) for 2016.

    MITP provides unique opportunities for cross-disciplinary exchange between researchers from different fields of expertise in theoretical physics. The institute is part of the Excellence Cluster PRISMA and is located at the campus of Johannes Gutenberg-University.

    MITP offers the scientific community the opportunity to hold scientific programs, each lasting for a period of several weeks. These programs will be organized by a team of external scientists with local support provided by MITP. Each may be attended by up to 25 scientists at any given time, who are expected to spend at least two weeks at MITP. They are intended to stimulate discussions and collaborations among the participants with the goal of generating new ideas and developing new tools and methods.

    External organizers and researchers can receive significant financial support to participate in MITP activities.

    Scientists who are interested in organizing a scientific program are encouraged to submit proposals which should not exceed 2-4 pages (for more details: http://www.mitp.uni-mainz.de/29_ENG_HTML.php ). All proposals will be evaluated by the MITP Advisory Board.

    Proposals for the 2016 scientific programs should be submitted via email to

    coordinator@mitp.uni-mainz.de by January 31, 2015

    for full consideration. We would be happy to assist you with the proposal. For further information and other opportunities at MITP, like topical workshops or fellowships, please see at www.mitp.uni-mainz.de.

    With best wishes,

    Matthias Neubert
    Director MITP

    Mainz Institute of Theoretical Physics
    PRISMA Cluster of Excellence
    Johannes Gutenberg-Universit?t Mainz
    55099 Mainz