• Feb 01 2015

    Quantum Physics: Foundations and Applications


    The workshop will take place from 3-13 February 2015.


    National Institute for Theoretical Physics, Wallenberg Research Centre, Stellenbosch, South Africa.

    For more information on the venue see http://stias.ac.za/research-facilities


    Research in quantum mechanics in the recent past has been strongly influenced by two trends:

    (1) The role of edge states in quantum systems formulated on manifolds with boundaries, which requires a careful analysis of elliptic operators and their domains of self-adjointness.

    (2) The role that quantum information theory plays in the foundations of quantum physics and specifically the study of non-separable and open quantum systems.

    The proposed workshop aims to bring together experts in the above fields who can expose research workers and students to the physical and mathematical ideas underlying these developments, and to promote fruitful interaction among the more senior physicists.


    The mornings will be devoted to pedagogical lectures where each lecturer, in two or three lectures, will present a connected account of her/his topic of expertise. The afternoons will be split into two parts. The first will be an open forum to clarify the contents of the morning seminars. That will be followed by discussions of advanced topics and/or a specialised seminar.

    Confirmed Speakers

    Manolo Asorey (Zaragosa)
    A. P. Balachandran (Syracuse)
    Luis Velazquez Campoy(Zaragoza)
    Elisa Ercolessi (Bologna)
    Paolo Facchi (Bari)
    Fernando Falceto (Zaragosa)
    Alberto Ibort (Madrid)
    Andre Reyes Lega (Bogota)
    Giuseppe Marmo (Naples)
    Pramod Padmanabhan (Sao Paolo)
    Juan-Manuel Perez-Pardo (Madrid)
    Sachin Vaidya (Bangalore)
    Franco Ventriglia (Naples)
    Patrizia Vitale (Naples)
    Allesandro Zampini (Luxembourg)


    Topics covered by this workshop

    1. Open Systems: Topics include decoherence, irreversibility and entropy; composite systems, separability and entanglement; scattering theory, stochastic evolution and entropy generation

    2. Matrix-Valued Differential Operators: This will include discussion of Generalized Laplacians and Dirac operators, with applications to Edge States, YM theories and Spintronics.

    Registration deadline

    Registration closed on the 5th of January 2015.


    For participants paying their own way, the costs are as follows:


    R2500 (includes lunch and coffee on conference days, conference dinner and airport transfers). The registration fee is payable on arrival in cash or by credit card at the conference secretary.

    Student support

    There is limited funding available for student support for South African students. If interested, please tick the relevant section in the application form on this page.


    Participants can book their own guesthouse or the conference organisers can make a booking on their behalf. The participants must, however, pay the guesthouse directly and preferably before hand to ensure that the booking is not cancelled. It is also important that participants carefully look at the cancelation policy of the guesthouse to avoid possible cancelation fees. The typical rates range between ZAR 750-1000 for bed and breakfast.


    Prof FG Scholtz (National Institute for Theoretical Physics, South Africa), fgs@sun.ac.za.
    Prof S Vaidya (IIS, Bangalore, India) sachindeovaidya@gmail.com
    Prof AP Ballachandran (IIS, Bangalore, India) balachandran38@gmail.com
    Prof G Marmo (University of Naples) marmo@na.infn.it


    National Institute for Theoretical Physics, South Africa