• Jan 18 2015


    Dear Colleagues,

    The 3rd African School on 'Electronic Structure Methods and Applications' (ASESMA2014) will be held at the School of Physics, University of the Witwatersrand, from 19 to 30 January 2015. Students and researchers who have an interest in electronic structure research are welcome to apply to participate. Please consult the ASESMA2014 Webpage at http://indico.ictp.it/event/a14344/ for details and to access the application form. The deadline for new applications to attend the re-scheduled ASESMA2014 is 19 October 2014. Applications for the original ASESMA2014 will automatically be rolled over and re-application is not necessary. Only a limited number of places are available and the selection for participation will be based on the degree of involvement in electronic structure research.

    Prof Daniel Joubert (on behalf of the LOC)
    School of Physics, University of the Witwatersrand
    Johannesburg, 2050, South Africa
    Email: daniel.joubert2@wits.ac.za
    Tel: +27 11 7176804