• Jan 18 2015

    26th Chris Engelbrecht Summer School 2015

    Name of the School:

    Physics of the LHC

    University of Cape Town, Cape Town, South Africa

    12 to 23 January 2015

    Topics and speakers at the School

    Prof John Ellis (King’s College, London)
    Topic: Electroweak Symmetry In and Beyond the Standard Model

    Prof Reinhard Stock (Goethe Universitat, Frankfurt)
    Topic: Experimental Aspects of Heavy Ion Collisions

    Prof Aleandro Nisati (INFN, Sezione di Roma)
    Topic: Experimental Aspect of Electroweak Symmetry Breaking

    Prof. Miko Laine (University of Bern)
    Topic: Gauge Theories of Quantum Chromodynamics

    Prof Derek Teaney (Stony Brook University)
    Topic: Hydrodynamics of Heavy Ion Collisions

    Prof Bryan Webber (University of Cambridge)
    Topic: QCD, Jet Physics and Event Generation at the LHC



    Dr Andrew Hamilton (UCT) Chair
    Dr Will Horowitz (UCT)
    Prof Heribert Weigert (UCT)
    Prof Andre Peshier (UCT)
    Prof Bruce Mellado (Wits)
    Dr Thomas Dietel (UCT)
    Ms Naomi Haasbroek (conference secretary)

    Target audience:

    Persons registered at a South African Institute with at least a Bachelors Degree in Physics and Mathematics.


    The Chris Engelbrecht Summer School 2015 is sponsored by the National Institute for Theoretical Physics (NITheP), which is funded by the National Research Foundation (NRF).

    Date, time and venue:

    The school will take place from the 12th of January to the 23rd of January 2015 at University of Cape Town.

    More about Cape Town and surroundings can be viewed at

    See map to the venue:
    Google maps link; http://goo.gl/maps/xma6r


    About 40 lectures of 50 minutes duration presented in English.

    For attendance information please contact:

    Conference secretary:
    Ms Naomi Haasbroek


    Please complete the registration form on this page.

    Please note that there are 2 categories in which you could apply namely:

    • Student Grant Category
    • General Category


    (1) For STUDENT GRANT category participants (15 to 20 sponsored students):

    NITheP will sponsor the following for participants of the STUDENT GRANT category:

    Travel by bus (if applicable)
    Accommodation IN 11 Jan 2015 and OUT 24 Jan 2015 (Share accommodation on full board basis i.e dinner, bed and breakfast).
    *Please note that you will be responsible for your own lunch on Saturday and Sunday.
    Conference fee (Lunch, tea and snacks on conference days only)
    Welcome Cocktail and Gala dinner
    Transfers to and from bus depot (if applicable)

    (2) For GENERAL category participants

    (2a) Accommodation and Conference option:

    R9,000 fee includes:
    Shared accommodation IN 11 Jan 2015 OUT 24 Jan 2015 (Sharing accommodation on a full board basis (dinner, bed and breakfast).
    *Please note that you will be responsible for your own dinner on Saturday and Sunday.
    Conference fee (Lunch, tea and snacks on conference days only)
    Welcome Cocktail and Gala dinner
    Please make your own arrangements for transfer from the airport. We recommend Bettina Shuttle

    (2b) Conference only option includes:
    Conference fee (Lunch, tea and snacks on conference days only)

    Student Grant Category:

    NITheP has 15 to 20 fully supported (i.e. conference fee, accommodation and travel) grants available to local students (i.e. students currently registered at an Institute in South Africa).

    Accommodation for STUDENT GRANT category participants will be IN 11 Jan 2015 OUT 24 Jan 2015.

    Students from other countries in Africa will also be considered for NITheP supported grants PROVIDED that those students are in SA at the time of the Summer School. Due to Budget constraints, travel can only be paid within South Africa.

    PLEASE NOTE: To apply, students must submit a complete study record and a letter of support from the Supervisor or HOD. Students to be currently enrolled at an Institute in South Africa, with at least a Bachelors Degree in Physics and Mathematics.

    Those wishing to be considered for Student Grants must:
    (1) Complete and submit the online registration form by 31 October 2014.
    (2) Obtain a letter from your HOD or Supervisor and upload it along with your complete study record by using our online registration form (on this page).

    PLEASE NOTE THE FOLLOWING REGARDING STUDENT GRANTS: ***Students supported by NITheP are expected to attend all lectures, tutorials, to complete homework assignments and possible evaluations. These Grants will be made available on the basis of academic merit.

    Letter of support

    The purpose of the letter of support is in order for the HOD or Supervisor to be aware that their student intends to submit an application to attend the summer school. Please upload this letter along with the study record as one single PDF file when completing the application form on this page.

    The format of the letter could be something to this effect:

    "To Whom It May Concern,

    I support the application of __________________(student name) for the (2015 Chris Engelbrecht school: Physics of the LHC).

    Signed: _____________________
    Print: ___________________"

    Tutor positions:

    NITheP has Tutor positions available for senior PhD, Post Doc or Faculty members.

    Accommodation for Tutor category participants will be made IN 11 Jan 2015 OUT 24 Jan 2015 as it will be expected from Tutors to assist and lecture students in the preliminary lectures.

    The positions will be fully sponsored i.e. accommodation, registration, conference fee and travel.

    Tutors are expected to lead tutorials and actively engage with the tutoring of students.

    To apply, please complete the on-line registration form. You will be required to upload a copy of your CV and publication list.

    Payment details:

    Full amount of fee (R9,000 accommodation or R2,000 conference only) payment should be paid directly to UCT , Cape Town.

    Please see bank detail below.

    Account name: UCT
    Name of Bank: Standard Bank
    Account number: 071503854
    Branch code: 025009.
    Branch: Rondebosch

    EFT payments should do a notification email to nadrah.lovric@uct.ac.za.

    Please use the following as your reference:
    NITheP, your surname and initials as reference on the Bank Deposit slip. Please also e-mail your proof of payment to Ms Nadrah Lovric at the following address nadrah.lovric@uct.ac.za

    This is very important as the conference organizers needs to know when you have paid, so that the conference secretary can confirm your attendance of the School.

    Please note: Your booking for the School will not be confirmed without your confirmation and deposit slip. To secure your registration your payment must be made before the 12th of December 2014.


    31 October 2014: Last day for application for Student Grant
    08 November 2014: Student Grant applicants will be informed
    15 November 2014: Registration deadline for General participants
    12 December 2014: General category participants to make payment to the hotel


    Student accommodation will be in the student residences at UCT. Breakfast and dinner provided in the residences.


    • Wireless Internet will be available at the university.

    Contact information

    Ms Naomi Haasbroek

    Lecture notes

    Important information for lecturers:

    Since NITheP would like to keep an archive of all the talks/slides on the webpage after the conference has concluded, please may we kindly request the following:
    After each talk, please hand over/email the talks to Andrew Hamilton

    We would kindly like to request your permission to display your slides on our website
    All talks to be in PDF or PowerPoint format (if possible)
    File size maximum 10MB (if possible)

    In order for students to be able to view the lecture notes, they need to register on the NITheP website (top right corner) in order for lecture notes to be viewed in the "student section" (which contains the lecture notes of this and all previous Chris Engelbrecht Summer Schools).

    If you have trouble accessing the lecture notes on the NITheP website, please contact Rene Kotze at renekotze[at]sun.ac.za