• Apr 15 2014

    Wits Node Seminar: Dr Sunandan Gangopadhyay (NITheP Stellenbosch)

    The National Institute for Theoretical Physics, and the Centre for Theoretical Physics, School of Physics, would like to invite to its coming talk in the theoretical physics seminar series, entitled:

    "Path integral action of a particle in the noncommutative plane and the Aharonov-Bohm effect"

    to be presented by Dr. Sunandan Gangopadhyay (NITheP/Stellenbosch)

    Abstract: Noncommutative quantum mechanics can be viewed as a quantum system represented in the space of Hilbert-Schmidt operators acting on noncommutative configuration space. Taking this as a departure point, a coherent state approach to the path integral representation of the transition amplitude is formulated. From this we derive an action for a particle moving in the noncommutative plane and in the presence of an arbitrary potential. We find that this action is nonlocal in time. Using this action, the propagator of the free particle and harmonic oscillator are computed explicitly. The path integral action for a particle moving in the noncommutative plane and in the presence of a magnetic field is obtained next. The Aharonov-Bohm phase is computed from this action and involves a noncommutative correction. We further demonstrate that the path integral formalism leads to a quantum mechanics involving a Chern-Simons term in momentum which is of noncommutative origin.

    Dates: Tuesday, 15th April 2014 - TODAY
    Venue: Frank Nabarro Lecture Theatre P216
    Time: 13.20 - 14.10

    For more information:

    Alan S. Cornell

    School of Physics
    University of the Witwatersrand
    Private Bag 3
    Wits 2050
    South Africa


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