• Jun 15 2014

    I-CAM School and funding for students (15-29 June 2014)

    Message from Prof Kristian Müller-Nedebock

    Reminder I-CAMP School, Stellenbosch

    Dear Colleagues

    I would like to remind you of the school on "Topology and Geometry in Soft Matter, Optics and Biological Systems" (experiment and theory) which is part of the "Inter-Continental Advanced Materials for Photonics Summer School". This year I-CAMP is to be hosted in Stellenbosch from 15 June to 29 June 2014.

    We wish to invite South African students, post-doctoral fellows and interested researchers to apply to attend the school. Funding opportunities for students in South Africa: We expect to offer limited support for students in theoretical physics and biophysics to attend the school. Students should write to Kristian M?ller-Nedebock (kkmn@sun.ac.za) concerning details for their funding applications before the end of April 2014. (Applications for funding should include a CV, including details of currently registered degree and the names of your supervisor or other academic referee.)

    The School is aimed mainly at advanced undergraduates, graduate students, and postdoctoral fellows within the first three years after their PhDs. The School generally covers subjects such as materials science, optics, photonics, biophysics, nanoscience, and related fields. It is aimed for researchers working at the forefronts of materials science and photonics to discuss the emerging uses of light for control and fundamental study of matter and advances in the use of materials to control light. The organisers envisage a strong component of biophysics.

    Application is via the main website:


    Yours sincerely
    Kristian Müller-Nedebock

    Dept of Physics, Stellenbosch University, kkmn@sun.ac.za

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