• Jan 20 2014

    UKZN Node Seminar (In conjunction with ACRU) Prof Ilya Mandel (University of Birmingham)

    "Hi folks,

    Please join us for a special ACRU seminar on Monday, January 20,
    12:00-1:00pm in the STEC. Our speaker will be Ilya Mandel from the
    University of Birmingham, and the title and abstract of his talk are
    below. Hope to see you then!

    GWastrophysics of compact binaries

    The first direct detections of gravitational waves from mergers of black
    holes and neutron stars by ground-based interferometric detectors LIGO
    and Virgo are anticipated in the next few years. They will provide us
    with a new probe on the Universe and enable us to explore compact-binary
    astrophysics and strong-field general relativity. In this talk, I review
    the current knowledge of the coalescence rates and parameter
    distributions of merging neutron-star and black-hole binaries and the
    data-analysis challenges associated with finding their signatures in
    noisy data. I report on ongoing efforts to develop a framework for
    converting gravitational-wave observations into improved constraints on
    astrophysical parameters and tests of general relativity, and discuss
    future developments necessary to the success of gravitational-wave


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    Prof Mandel also gave two other talks during his visit namely:
    Colloquium at University of Stellenbosch on 11 February 2014
    Seminar at University of the Western Cape on 12 February 2014