• Dec 06 2013

    Information about the ICTP

    1) For schools/conferences at the ICTP or those that the ICTP organize outside of the ICTP:
    http://www.ictp.it/scientific-calendar.aspx or the ICTP home page http://www.ictp.it, there is a tab near the top "Scientific Calendar"

    2) Postdoctoral Applications: Each research group does this individually. The links to the groups are from the ICTP home page http://www.ictp.it on the left. The deadlines vary. HEP has a deadline of early December while MATH and Condensed Matter have dead lines around the second week of January.

    3) For established scientists who would like to visit an ICTP research group for some time they can also find information on the groups home page.

    4) For students all ICTP programmes are located at http://www.ictp.it/programmes.aspx (or from the ICTP home page http://www.ictp.it and again there is a tab near the top "Programmes").

    There are 3 programmes of interest for students:
    • Pre-PhD programmes (for students who already hold an honours degree at least)
    • Degree Programmes (Students who have an M.Sc. and wish to do a PH.D. or those with honours who wish to do an M.Sc.)
    • Laboratory Opportunities (Different type of experimental research that the ICTP could help with).

    For an overview of some of the ICTP's involvement in South Africa over the last 15 years: