• Dec 06 2013

    Applications now being accepted for Perimeter Scholars International (Master's program)

    The Poster can be viewed here :

    Canada’s Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics (PI), in partnership with the University of Waterloo, welcomes applications to the Master’s level course, Perimeter Scholars International (PSI). Exceptional students with an undergraduate honours degree in Physics and/or Mathematics are encouraged to apply. Students must have a minimum of 3 advanced undergraduate or graduate courses in physics. PSI recruits a diverse group of students and especially encourages applications from qualified women candidates. The due date for applications to PSI is February 1st, 2014. Complete details are available at www.perimeterscholars.org.

    Additional Information:

    Perimeter Scholars International (PSI) is a 10-month intensive Master’s level course held at Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics, a leading international research centre in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. PSI is designed to prepare outstanding students from around the world for cutting edge research. Graduates receive a Master’s Degree in Physics from the University of Waterloo and a Perimeter Scholars International Certificate from Perimeter Institute.

    Students completing PSI are prepared to pursue PhD studies in theoretical physics. Many stay at Perimeter Institute and do their PhD with Perimeter faculty. A list of Perimeter research areas and faculty can be found here. Others go on to PhD programs at other universities.

    The 2013-2014 Faculty include:
    Latham Boyle, Perimeter Institute
    Anton Burkov, University of Waterloo
    Freddy Cachazo, Perimeter Institute
    Anushya Chandran, Perimeter Institute
    Andrew Childs, University of Waterloo
    David Cory, Institute for Quantum Computing
    Francois David, Institut de Physique Theorique CEA-Saclay
    Bianca Dittrich, Perimeter Institute
    Joseph Emerson, Institute for Quantum Computing
    Davide Gaiotto, Perimeter Institute
    Ruth Gregory, Durham University
    Alioscia Hamma, Tsinghua University
    Lucien Hardy, Perimeter Institute
    Matt Johnson, York University, Perimeter Institute
    Paul Langacker, Institute for Advanced Study
    Roger Melko, University of Waterloo
    David Morrissey, TRIUMF
    Andrei Starinets, University of Oxford
    Natalia Toro, Perimeter Institute
    Neil Turok, Perimeter Institute
    Guifre Vidal, Perimeter Institute
    Xiao-Gang Wen, Perimeter Institute
    Itay Yavin, McMaster University, Perimeter Institute

    Full scholarships are available. Applications should be submitted by February 1st, 2014. Complete details are online at www.perimeterscholars.org.

    Contact Information
    PSI Program inquiries can be directed to John Berlinsky, PSI Director, at psi@perimeterinstitute.ca