• Rotondwa and Thendo travel to Europe!

    25 August to 7 September 2013

    Rotondwa Mudau (Msc Nuclear Physics at UJ) and fellow student Thendo Nemakhavani undertook a two week long trip that was divided into two one week long trips, between Budapest, Hungary and Frankfurt, Germany respectively.

    Upon arrival on Monday morning in Budapest, they were fetched from the airport and driven to the Wagner Institute of Particle and Nuclear Physics where the students were given half an hour to 'rest' because they needed to get to work. The students met and discussed the program for the week, had lunch at 12:30 and got to learning after lunch! The very first presentation was given by Prof Tamas Biro. Rotondwa and Thendo resorted to espresso's to combat the fatigue that comes after 12 hours of flying and a hearty lunch!

    The next few days consisted of the rest of the group presenting their work to the group and having discussions about it. These discussions were very helpful as one was able to get input from experts or retouch on the basics for those who didn't understand.

    The students found Budapest to be a really nice old city with very friendly people and a rich history. After hours they toured around and had a dig into the amazing food and sweets. They even managed to exchange recipes!

    On Saturday the 31st of August Rotondwa and Thendo rushed off to the airport, headed for Frankfurt. This was an experience and a half for them pushing bags from the Frankfurt airport in and out of trains until they eventually got to the guest house. From the guesthouse they headed to a birthday party that was on the other side of Frankfurt! The Frankfurt trip was not a formal one, so they were given an office in which they worked on their individual work. They also scouted for people who were doing similar work as them and had discussions with them. The students could not leave Germany without tasting the renown German beer so they made sure to go out and have some!

    All in all this two trips were eye opening. It was amazing to see how people do their work in other countries. Also it opened channels for some collaborative work.

    Rotondwa and Thendo would like to thank Prof Azwinndini Muronga for giving them the opportunity to go with him. Also thanks to Prof Tamas Biro and the team in Budapest and Prof Carsten Greiner, Ioannis Bouras and the team in Frankfurt for being available (for any kind of questions) and being hospitable!

    Caption for the photo below:
    Front row (Left to right) : Zsuzsanna Szendi, Prof Azwinndini Muronga, Rotondwa Mudau, Prof Tamas Biro
    Second row(Left to right): Péter Ván, Thendo Nemakhavhani, Miklós Horváth

    Caption for the photo below:
    On the left (front to back): Prof Carsten Greiner, Rotondwa Mudau, Ioannis Bouras
    On the right (front to back): Andrej El, Prof Azwinndini Muronga, Thendo Nemakhavhani