• Sep 25 2013

    Gauteng Seminar Series

    Dear Colleagues,

    On behalf of the Gauteng node of NITheP we would like to invite you to participate in the
    Gauteng Seminar Series on Theoretical Physics. The seminar series aims to increase communication
    between UNISA, University of Johannesburg, University of Pretoria and Wits, thereby promoting
    collaboration in Theoretical Physics.

    We hope to meet four times a year, with the venue of the seminar shifting between the different
    partners. Thus, each partner can expect to host the seminar once per year. The hosting
    University should supply coffee and small eats, during the break between the two lectures. The
    seminar speakers are supplied by any two of the remaining partners who are not hosting the

    Seminars could be on up to date topical research or of a more pedagogical flavour. Seminar
    speakers could be members of the local community or visitors to the department. Indeed, the
    seminar series could be a very good way of ensuring the local community benefits from high
    profile visitors to any of the partners.

    We are holding the second event on the 25th of September at UP. Please see attachment for
    details. A map of the UP campus is also attached.

    Please forward this message to other theorists in your department. If you plan to attend, let me know.

    Rocco Duvenhage
    Department of Physics
    University of Pretoria

    Please view the attached PDF for the full details or view it in Scribd below:

    Gauteng Seminar 2 (Announcement)