• Nov 05 2013

    WITS Node Seminar: Dr Hugo Touchette


    Many-body systems involving long-range interactions, such as gravitating particles or unscreened plasmas, give rise to equilibrium and nonequilibrium properties that are not seen in short-range systems. One such property is that long-range systems can have negative heat capacities, which implies that they cool down by absorbing energy. This talk will discuss the origin of this unusual property, as well as some of its connections with phase transitions, metastability, and the nonequivalence of statistical ensembles. It will be shown that the essential difference between long- and short-range systems is that the entropy can be nonconcave as a function of the energy for the former but not for the latter type of systems.

    Slides are available below in Scribd

    Dr Hugo Touchette (NITheP Stellenbosch)