• Grade 11 learner from Bishops Diocesan College does job shadowing project at NITheP

    Byron Meyer, a Grade 11 learner from Bishops in Cape Town, spent two days learning about Physics and Theoretical Physics.

    On Thursday Byron spent the day with a number of students and faculty of the Stellenbosch University Physics Department. He visited various Labs where he learnt about the fields of study and research being done there. Byron was introduced to a number of Faculty, with whom he spent time discussing and learning about the various fields available within the vast field of Physics.

    On Friday Byron spent the day at NITheP, in particular with Dr J Diener. Dr Diener is a theoretical physicist and his work focuses mainly on neutron stars and the description of these stars’ magnetized interior. Dr Diener is also an excellent role model who can excellently explain the career paths available and also what the options and requirements would be in order to excel in the field of Theoretical Physics.

    Below is an excerpt of the feedback received from Byron after the intervention:

    "I thoroughly enjoyed the experience organized for me by NITheP. On my first day I went to the University of Stellenbosch’s Physics faculty and experienced 3 different fields of physics. I first met with some students specialising in laser physics. I found the both theoretical and experimental side of this field very captivating. Secondly I explored the different research done the nuclear physicists and I was amazed by how vast the reach of this field was. Lastly I spoke with Lee Boonzaaier, a theoretical physicist who is doing research on the physics of how polymers interact with other polymers. This really opened my eyes as to the reach of physics as I had never previously heard of research into the physics of biological processes.

    On my second day I spent most of my day with Dr Jacobus Diener, a theoretical physicist. He showed me a bit of his research and how he did it, but he talked to me a lot about the day to day aspects of the career and gave a great insight into the traits and mentality required to succeed in this career.

    Thanks so much to Rene Kotze for organizing this eye opening experience for me. I hope to continue to learn about this field and I am going to seriously consider pursuing a career in physics."