• Jun 21 2013

    Melissa Leonards, Gr 11 learner from Norman Henshilwood High School, Constantia, does Job Shadowing project at NITheP

    Dr Gillian Arendse (iThemba LABS) organised an intervention for a Grade 11 learner from Norman Henshilwood High School in Constantia, to experience the following fields within the Sciences:

    • Nuclear
    • Particle
    • Medical physics
    • Radiochemistry
    • Nanotechnology
    • Materials research
    • Laser physics
    • Theoretical Physics

    Melissa spent a few hours at NITheP receiving guidance by PhD student Jaco van Zyl. Here Melissa learnt about the following:

    • What careers options are be available
    • Study route to take if interested in the subject
    • Other interesting information about theoretical physics and examples of technology available today

    The total intervention took place between 17 to 21 June.

    In the photo below Melissa can be seen observing a discussion amongst Stellenbosch University students Janusz Meylahn and Paul Williams (not in picture) , currently doing an internship at NITheP also under the guidance of PhD student Jaco van Zyl..

    Melissa Leonards and Janusz Meylahn