• Jun 19 2013

    UCT National Jack de Wet 2014 competition

    E-mail received from Dr Will Horowitz (UCT)

    Dear All,

    UCT's Centre for Theoretical and Mathematical Physics (CTMP), in cooperation with the National Institute for Theoretical Physics (NITheP) and the South African Institute of Physics (SAIP), is working to support students and faculty in theoretical physics across the country. This year the CTMP will open up its Jack de Wet problem and prize beyond the University of Cape Town. We will announce the year's problem early in the second semester and ask for solutions by the beginning of the first semester, 2014. The best student solution will win the prize.

    We are asking the faculty community to provide potential problems (and solutions) to the committee. All posters associated with the Jack de Wet prize will include a short description of the problem along with the name and contact information of the faculty member who posed the problem.

    We would like the problem setter to present the prize to the student with the best solution at a ceremony in Cape Town in 2014, with the trips of both sponsored by the UCT Physics Department.

    To give you a sense of what we have in mind, we have attached an example of a problem from a previous year to this email.

    The anticipated timeline for the competition is
    July 3: collect all proposed problems
    ~July 8: Announce the Jack de Wet prize and problem at the annual SAIP meeting
    Distribute posters to all South African Physics Departments
    Jan 6: receive all student solutions
    Friday, Feb 7: prize ceremony at UCT

    Enquiries can be sent to either heribert.weigert@uct.ac.za or wa.horowitz@uct.ac.za.

    We're looking forward to a wonderful competition!

    Will and Heribert for the CTMP

    Dr. W. A. Horowitz
    Department of Physics
    University of Cape Town
    Private Bag X3
    Rondebosch 7701
    South Africa
    Office: +27 21 650 5553
    Fax: +27 21 650 3342
    Cell: +27 72 488 1515

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