• Mar 05 2013

    WITS Node Seminar: Dr Izak Snyman (WITS)

    The National Institute for Theoretical Physics, and the Centre for Theoretical Physics, School of Physics, would like to invite to its coming talk in the theory seminar series, entitled:

    "Electron-electron correlations in a dynamical impurity system with a Fermi edge singularity"

    to be presented by Dr. Izak Snyman (University of the Witwatersrand)

    Abstract: I will present recent results on spatial correlations in the ground state of a one-dimensional electron gas coupled to a dynamic quantum impurity. The system displays a non-trivial many-body effect known as the Fermi edge singularity: transitions between discrete internal states of the impurity have a powerlaw dependence on the internal energies of the impurity states. I will present compact formulas for the static current-current correlator and the pair correlation function. These reveal that spatial correlations induced by the impurity decay slowly (as the third inverse power of distance) and have a power-law energy dependence, characteristic of the Fermi edge singularity. Remarkably, the long wavelength behavior of the correlator implies an effective electron-electron attraction that does not depend on the distance from the impurity.

    Date: Tuesday, 5th March 2013
    Venue: Frank Nabarro Lecture Theatre P216
    Time: 13.20 - 14.10

    I hope you shall all be able to attend,

    For more information please contact:

    Alan S. Cornell

    School of Physics
    University of the Witwatersrand
    Private Bag 3
    Wits 2050
    South Africa