• Sep 15 2019

    CTMP Seminar at UCT today at 12h30

    Dear All

    I am happy to announce that Dr G B Tupper (CTMP; Associate Member, National Institute for Theoretical Physics) will be our speaker for the next double installment in the CTMP Friday seminar series.

    The topic will be

    "Warm Tachyon Matter from Back-reaction on the (D-)brane"

    Abstract: We study a 3-brane moving in the AdS5 bulk. By including back-reaction of the brane on the bulk geometry we obtain a tachyon model with a linear barotropic equation of state.

    Location: Duncan Elliott Seminar room, R.W. James @ UCT


    Seminar 1, Friday 22.02 -- general background and ideas

    Seminar 2, Friday 01.03 -- recent results

    Recommended reading:

    The first item, ["DM & Galaxy Formation", J Primack,
    http://arxiv.org/abs/0909.2021] provides a historical background to the dark matter problem, outlines the standard paradigm and its shortcomings.

    The second item, [Review Particle Properties - Big Bang Cosmology (Olive & Peacock 2007)] is a sort of crash course in cosmology, with equations, for nonspecialists. It is not bedtime reading, but worth the effort.

    Much the same can be said for the last item: [Rubakov, http://arxiv.org/abs/hep-ph/0104152] It is an excellent intro to the braneworld by one of the early proposers of the idea. Those familiar with the AdS/CFT correspondence will get a feeling of deja-vu from the Randall-Sundrum model.

    All welcome, Heribert Weigert
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