• Feb 06 2013

    Stellenbosch Node Seminar: Dr Lars Fritz (Institut fur theoretische Physik)

    NITheP cordially invites you to a seminar by:

    Dr Lars Fritz
    Universität zu Köln
    Institut für theoretische Physik

    Date: Wednesday 6 February 2013
    Time: 14:00
    Venue: NITheP Stellenbosch Node, Seminar Room

    TITLE: Topological insulators: effects of a magnetic field and inducing instabilities on the surface by modifying bulk properties

    ABSTRACT: Three dimensional topological insulators are a new class of materials which host effective Dirac type fermions on the surface due to the peculiar topology of the bulk band structure.
    In a first part I will discuss why the quantum Hall effect on the surface of such a three dimensional topological insulators has interesting properties coming from the connected nature of the surface. In a second part I will discuss ideas about how to induce ferromagnetic surface instabilities by modifying bulk properties of topological insulators.

    Navrae/Enquiries: Rene Kotze
    Tel: 021 808 2653
    Email: renekotze@sun.ac.za

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