• Oct 23 2012

    Farewell to Rytis Paskauskas

    Rytis Paškauskas will be leaving us as of today.

    Rytis Paškauskas (Postdoctoral Fellow at NITheP), will be joining the Laboratoire de Physique, Ecole Normale Superieure in Lyon, France (also Postdoc position).

    Best wishes to Rytis with his new endeavour.

    Below is more information about Rytis:

    Postdoctoral fellow at NITheP (until 2012/10/23)

    Rytis Paskauskas graduated with a Ph.D in physics from Georgia Institute of Technology (USA) in 2007, under supervision of Prof P. Cvitanovic. He studied chaos, dynamics, and applications to Rydberg atoms and chemical reactions. He held a physicist appointment at Sicrotrone Trieste (Trieste, Italy 2007-2010) where he focused on statistical physics and plasmas. In January 2011 he joined NITheP as a postdoctoral fellow. Among his interests are practical applications of nonlinear dynamics to various phenomena with irregular, or chaotic behavior. Numerics, or computation are among the appropriate keywords here. He currently works in statistics and dynamics of long-range interacting systems.

    Webpage: http://bit.ly/mCdK0a