• Oct 04 2012

    ESKOM Expo for Young Scientists 2013

    Well done to Shannon and Anrich!

    The two R1000 NITheP National Physics prize winners were:

    ``The gyroscopic effect of bicycle wheels'' by Shannon Pincus, Herzlia High School, Cape Town.

    ``Which are the best surfaces for a swim start?'' by Anrich Kleynhans, Crawford College, Pretoria.

    The NITheP judges commented: "The quality of projects this year looked better than what we judged last year. In the end we felt most comfortable with giving both projects to the Physics section. There were a total of five projects in the maths section. There were a total of twenty eight physics entries. A number of these were good.

    "These were the two projects that we felt most clearly had a well stated hypothesis followed by a clear set of well analyzed experiments, probing the stated hypothesis".

    Below are some pictures taken at the event. One with Shannon and two of the Judges, Prof Vishnu Jejalla and Dr Kevin Goldstein, both from WITS and NITheP Associates. The second picture is a snap of Anrich in full swing during his presentation

    Anrich in full swing with his presentation