• Sep 12 2012

    Stellenbosch Node Seminar: Dr Jeff Murugan (UCT)

    NITheP cordially invites you to a seminar by:

    Dr Jeff Murugan
    The Laboratory for Quantum Gravity & Strings,
    Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics,
    University of Cape Town

    Date: Wednesday 15 August 2012
    Time: 14:00
    Venue: NITheP Stellenbosch Node, Seminar Room

    TITLE: What can gravity teach us about condensed matter?

    ABSTRACT: Since its beginnings in 1997, the AdS/CFT correspondence has found application in a variety of phenomena; not only in quantum gravity but also, increasingly in fields as diverse as low energy QCD (like the quark-gluon plasma at RHIC and the ALICE experiment at the LHC) and condensed matter (like the physics of strange metals and compressible Fermi surfaces). In most cases, these applications of the AdS/CFT correspondence to condensed matter hinge on the idea that, if physics in AdS is always holographic, then we can consider simple theories in AdS, which should, at least in principle, be dual to some strongly coupled conformal field theories. In this talk we investigate whether it is possible to find a controlled example of such an AdS/CMT correspondence in the context of string theory

    Navrae/Enquiries: René Kotzé
    Tel: 021 808 2653
    Email: renekotze@sun.ac.za