• Aug 07 2012

    WITS Node Seminar: Dr. Alan Barr (University of Oxford)

    Good morning All,

    The National Institute for Theoretical Physics, and the Centre for Theoretical Physics, School of Physics, would like to invite to its coming talk in the high-energy seminar series, entitled:

    "Seeing the invisible with the Large Hadron Collider"

    to be presented by Dr. Alan Barr (Oxford)

    Abstract: The Large Hadron Collider at CERN, Geneva is the world's highest energy proton-proton collider, and will run to centre-of-mass energy of 14 TeV. I will review some of the recent highlights from the LHC's ATLAS experiment, including the searches for invisible "dark matter" particles, and the recent results which indicate the presence of a new Higgs-boson like particle.

    Date: Tuesday, 7th August 2012
    Venue: Frank Nabarro Lecture Theatre P216
    Time: 13.20 - 14.10

    I hope you shall all be able to attend,

    Yours sincerely,

    Alan S. Cornell

    School of Physics
    University of the Witwatersrand
    Private Bag 3
    Wits 2050
    South Africa


    Download pdf file