• Jul 17 2012

    Alexander Avdeenkov and Andrea Prinsloo leaving us shortly

    Farewell to Alexander Avdeenkov and Andrea Prinsloo

    Two of our staff members will be leaving us shortly.

    Alexander Avdeenkov (Senior Researcher at NITheP) and Andrea Prinsloo (Postdoctoral Fellow at NITheP)

    Alexander Avdeenkov (Senior Researcher)
    Alexander Avdeenkov graduated in 1994 from the Institute of Atomic and Power Engineering(Obninsk, Russia). He received his PhD in 2000 at Join Institute of Nuclear Research (Bogolyubov Laboratory for Theoretical Physics, Dubna, Russia). Starting in 2000, he was a post-doc with Prof. John Bohn (JILA, University of Colorado).

    In 2004 he was appointed as a Senior Researcher at Laboratory of Theoretical Physics at Institute of Physics and Power Enginnerig (Obninsk, Russia). In 2006-2009 he was working as a researcher for Moscow branch of "Algodign" LLC(USA) and as senior researcher at Institute of Nuclear Physics (Moscow State University). In 2009, Dr. Avdeenkov was appointed as a Senior Researcher at the National Institute for Theoretical Physics and as Extraordinary Senior Lecturer of Theoretical Physics at Stellenbosch University (South Africa).

    Areas of research:
    Cold quantum gases
    Scattering theory of ultracold atoms and molecules Theoretical investigation of properties of unstable nuclei

    Alexander will be joining the State Research Centre Institute of Physics and Power Engineering, Obninsk, Russia in the capacity of Chief Researcher. Alexander will be leaving South Africa on the 18th of July.

    Andrea Prinsloo (Postdoctoral fellow at NITheP)

    Andy Prinsloo completed both her undergraduate studies and an honours in Theoretical Physics at the University of Cape Town between the years of 2001 and 2004. She then moved north to pursue an MSc degree in Theoretical Physics, working with Prof Robert de Mello Koch at the University of the Witwatersrand. Her MSc thesis, which examines integrable deformations of a type IIB string theory, was awarded a distinction in June 2007. Andy returned to Cape Town in 2007 to begin her doctoral studies under the supervision of Dr Jeff Murugan. She completed her PhD thesis (entitled "Applications of the gauge theory/gravity correspondence") and graduated with a PhD in Applied Mathematics from the University of Cape Town in June 2010.

    In July 2010, Andy took up an NRF innovation fellowship for postdoctoral research, hosted by the Stellenbosch node of NITheP. She also continues to collaborate with the ACGC group at the University of Cape Town.

    Andy's research interests include:
    gauge theory/gravity correspondences
    the dynamics of membranes in string theory and M-theory
    supergravity geometries
    integrability and spin chain models

    and the current focus of her attention is on:
    D-branes and giant gravitons in the Maldacena and ABJM dualities

    Andy will be joining the University of Surrey, UK in the capacity of Postdoctoral Research Fellow in String Theory. This appointment is in the Mathematical Physics Group, which is a recent addition to the Mathematics Department at the University of Surrey. Andy will be in the Cape Town/Stellenbosch area until the 27th of July.

    Please contact Rene Kotze should you wish to obtain their forwarding e-mail addresses, should you wish to make contact with them.

    Best wishes to both Alexander and Andy with their new endeavours.