• May 11 2012

    CTMP lunch Seminar (Centre for Theoretical & Mathematical Physics (UCT)

    The next CTMP lunch seminar, Friday May 11th, 12:30 pm, (Duncan Elliott seminar room, R.W. James @ UCT) will be given by Razieh Morad

    TITLE: Light Quark Energy Loss via AdS/CFT
    R. Morad and W. A. Horowitz

    Energy loss of a light quark is studied by considering an open string with point-like initial conditions in the AdS-Sch background. We investigate calculations in which the jet is defined as the part of string between the endpoint and such that the spatial distance between the projection of these points to the boundary is of order . We also examine the energy lost when defining the jet as the part of the string between the end point and a point at a constant radial coordinate near the horizon, which we think might be a better approximation to heavy ion jet observables. On the other hand, since the QGP is an expanding plasma and cools down with time, we consider a geometry dual to an expanding plasma (a boost-invariant geometry) to study the light quark energy loss.


    1) "Drag force in AdS/CFT" Steven S. Gubser

    2) Light quark energy loss in strongly-coupled N = 4 supersymmetric Yang-Mills plasma Paul M. Chesler, Kristan Jensen, Andreas Karch, Laurence G. Yaffe

    3) AdS/CFT Energy Loss in Time-Dependent String Configurations Andrej Ficnar

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