• Mar 30 2012

    UCT Journal Club: Nitin Raghoonauth

    Dear All,

    we had to shift Jeff Murugan's talk to a later date. Instead we will have a journal club session led by

    Nitin Raghoonauth


    The paper I would like to talk about is Policastro, G., Son, D.T., & Starinets, A.O., Shear viscosity of strongly coupled N = 4 supersymmetric Yang-Mills plasma, [arXiv: hep-th/0104066]. It is known to be the first computation of a transport/kinetic coefficient (namely the shear viscosity) of a (supersymmetric) gauge theory at strong coupling, using the finite-temperature AdS/CFT correspondence. My aim is to explain the ideas that motivate such a computation. I have written up some pre-talk notes (pre-talk.pdf), which I'd encourage everyone planning to attend to read through. I will quickly go over these. The different steps of the computation figure in the other attached file.
    Note that all references are listed in the latter file.

    Keywords: AdS/CFT, QCD.

    DATE AND TIME: Fri Mar 30th, 12:30pm, in the Duncan Elliott seminar room in the physics department at UCT.

    All welcome,

    Heribert Weigert

    phone: +27 21 650 4706; fax: +27 21 650 3342;
    e-mail: heribert.weigert@uct.ac.za; heribert.weigert@physik.uni-r.de;

    postal: A/Prof. H. Weigert, director CTMP, University of Cape Town;
    Dept. of Physics, Private Bag X3, Rondebosch 7701, South Africa;

    in order to view the Pre-Talk, please click here http://bit.ly/HqeIH6

    Download pdf file