• Mar 26 2012

    AIMS Seminar: Navin Sivanandam (AIMS)

    You are warmly invited to a seminar by Navin Sivanandam at AIMS on Monday at 12PM. Lunch will be available after the seminar, where Navin will be around to chat with.

    When: Monday, 26th March at 12PM
    Where: AIMS Research Centre

    Speaker: Navin Sivanandam (AIMS)
    Title: Is the Cosmological Coincidence a Problem?

    The matching of our epoch of existence with that of dark energy and dark matter equality is an apparent further fine-tuning beyond the already troubling 120 orders of magnitude that separate dark energy from the Planck scale. However, the much feared and loathed anthropic principle can provide an escape from the discomfort. I shall describe one particular anthropic selection mechanism as well as (hopefully) convincing you that anthropic reasoning is a valuable tool in the arsenal of any cosmologist.

    All are welcome.

    AIMS Research Centre