• Feb 27 2012

    AIMS Seminar: Sehun Chun (AIMS)

    Dr Sehun Chun (AIMS)

    You are warmly invited to a seminar by Sehun Chun at AIMS on Monday at 12PM. Lunch will be available after the seminar, where Sehun will be around to chat with.

    When: Monday, 27th February at 12PM
    Where: AIMS Research Centre

    Speaker: Sehun Chun (AIMS)

    Title: Another propagation of 'light' in the heart

    By the early 1900s, physicists believed that light is delivered by a medium called 'aether', but this concept has been gradually replaced by the Field theory to make it look out-of-dated in the modern era. In view of light as a 'signal' in aether, the similar propagational mechanism exists in the heart, the 'electrical signal propagation' to induce cardiac contraction for pumping oxygenated blood to all the living cells. Analogies can be naturally drawn to the light propagation in the universe, but one critical difference lies in the fact that the aether in the heart is intrinsically a dual space where every point means a point in two different spaces, or known as bi-domain. Accordingly, conservational laws are not applied in one space and the meaning of geometry and matter should be redefined from the classical meanings in physics. In comparison to light in the universe, I will describe the trace of analysis and observations to reach this analogy by means of planar explanation of cardiac electrophysiological phenomena.

    All are welcome

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    Navin Sivanandam
    AIMS Research Centre