• Feb 17 2012

    S2A3 Medal 2011: Winner Fhumulani Nemulodi

    S2A3 Medal 2011

    UCT has awarded Fhumulani Nemulodi the S2A3 Medal [2011] for the most outstanding masters degree in science.

    Below are the basic details

    University of Cape Town 2011 S2A3 Medal
    Winner: Fhumulani Nemulodi
    M.Sc. Physics
    Title: Third order relativistic dissipative fluid dynamics for heavy-ion collisions.
    Names of Supervisors: Professor Andre Peshier; Co-Supervisor: A/Professor Dr Azwinndini Muronga
    External Examiners: Emeritus/Professor R.D Viollier (University of Cape Town); Professor Dr Carsten Greiner [Goethe Iniversitat] and Professor Scot Pratt [Michigan State University]

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