• Feb 22 2012

    NITheP Stellenbosch Node Seminar:

    Dr Hugo Touchette (Queen Mary University, London)

    NITheP cordially invites you to a seminar by:

    Dr Hugo Touchette
    Queen Mary University, London (UK)

    Date: Wednesday 22nd of February 2012
    Time: 14:00
    Venue: NITheP Stellenbosch Seminar room

    TITLE: Brownian motion with solid friction

    ABSTRACT: This talk will discuss a Langevin equation, first studied by Pierre-Gilles de Gennes, in which there is a solid-on-solid (dry or Coulomb-type) friction force acting on a Brownian particle in addition to the viscous friction usually considered in the study of Brownian motion. Exact and approximate solutions for the time-dependent propagator, velocity correlation function, and optimal fluctuation paths of this equation will be presented. The fluctuations of a work-like quantity will also be discussed in the context of nonequilibrium fluctuation relations.

    Navrae/Enquiries: Prof M Kastner
    Tel: 021 808 3863
    Email: Kastner@sun.ac.za