• Dec 05 2011

    AIMS Seminar

    Dear All

    You are warmly invited to next week's seminar at AIMS by Prof. Robert Mann who is also teaching an "Introduction to Particle Physics" course at AIMS. Lunch will be available after the seminar, where you will be able to chat to Robert.

    When: Monday, 5 December at 12pm
    Where: AIMS Research Centre
    Title: Gravitational Collapse of K-Essence Matter
    Abstract: This talk is somewhat more cosmological in flavour, describing the gravitational collapse properties of
    K-essence, a form of dark energy that has been of interest in cosmology over the past decade.

    Robert is around for three weeks and is keen to visit other institutions. If you would like to host him please contact him directly at robertbmann@sympatico.ca.


    Best wishes,
    Bruce Bassett