• Nov 07 2011

    Seminar by Prof Robert de Mello Koch at AIMS

    Dear All

    You are warmly invited to this week's seminar by Robert de Mello Koch at AIMS on Monday at 12PM. Lunch will be available after the seminar, where you will be able to chat to Robert and ask him questions.

    When: Monday, 7th November at 12PM
    Where: AIMS Research Centre

    Speaker: Robert de Mello Koch (University of the Witwatersrand)
    Title: Nonplanar AdS/CFT

    In this talk we will attempt to give a pedagogical introduction
    to the study of operators with a large charge, employing AdS/CFT.
    We will give a basic statement of the AdS/CFT conjecture, explain
    why group representation theory plays a role and then explain how
    simple observables can be computed. These observables will be
    reproduced using a simple classical toy model.

    All are welcome.

    Warm Regards
    Michelle Knights