• Sep 23 2011

    UKZN NITheP node Seminar

    NITheP cordially invites you to a seminar by:

    Prof. M. Kawamura
    Dep. of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Okayama
    University of Science
    Date: Friday, 23rd September 2011

    Time: 11:30

    Venue: Physics Seminar Room, H-Block, 3rd Floor

    TITLE: Implementation of quantum logic gates with strongly
    modulated composite pulse.
    ABSTRACT: We have developed an initialization method
    which allows creating large qubit pseudo-pure states, and
    now intend to develop a method to control nuclear spins
    precisely to realize quantum logic gates with high-fidelity.
    In this presentation I will show some experimental results
    including an implementation of a five-qubit controlled-not
    gate with strongly modulated composite pulse.

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