• Jul 28 2011

    Workshop on Quantum fields and Cosmological inflation in Mauritius

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    Mauritius Workshop Quantum Fields and Cosmological Inflation

    The workshop was held at the University of Mauritius, over the period 6 June to 20 June, 2011. The organizing committee was:

    Girish Beeharry (University of Mauritius)
    Mono Bunwaree (University of Mauritius)
    Robert de Mello Koch (University of the Witwatersrand)
    Sanjaye Ramgoolam (Queen Mary, University of London),
    Dinesh Somanah (University of Mauritius)

    with, once again, excellent administration support provided by

    Maddalena Teixeira (University of the Witwatersrand).

    Workshop Format

    The mornings were used to present 3 hours of lectures. The afternoons were used to present 2 hours of problem solving.

    On the 9th and 16th of June there were public lectures, advertised in the press and open to the public. On the 20th of June there was a football match with the students.

    Lectures alternated between S. Ramgoolam and R. de Mello Koch.

    Section 1: Quantum Field Theory Basics I (Sanjaye Ramgoolam)
    Second quantization, Noether's Theorem, Oscillators, Green's Functions

    Section 2: Quantum Field Theory Basics II (Robert de Mello Koch)
    Path Integrals in Quantum Mechanics, Path Integrals in Field Theory, Noether's Theorem, Green's Functions

    Section 3: Introductory Cosmology and Inflation (Sanjaye Ramgoolam)
    Freedman-Robertson-Walker geometries, horizon problem and inflation

    Section 4: Feynman Rules (Robert de Mello Koch)
    Interactions, Perturbation Theory and Feynman Rules, Loop Integrals, Regularization

    Section 5: More Advanced Topics in Inflation (Sanjaye Ramgoolam)
    Quantum Theory of a scalar field during Inflation, from quantum fluctuations to classical density perturbations.

    Section 6: More Advanced Topics in Quantum Field Theory (Robert de Mello Koch)
    One loop computations, Renormalization, Renormalization Group, Effective Field Theory

    Public Talk on 9 June: From Spacetime and Quantum Mechanics to String Theory
    (Robert de Mello Koch)

    Abstract: We review our current understanding of gravity, summarized in Einstein's theory of General Relativity. and our understanding of the remaining three forces in nature, in terms of the exchange of force carrying particles in Quantum Field Theory. A unified description of nature requires a synthesis of General Relativity and Quantum Field Theory into a single framework. The most promising candidate for this unified theory, String Theory, is described.

    Public Talk on 16 June: Symmetries and Extra dimensions in String Theory.
    (Sanjaye Ramgoolam)

    Abstract : We explain the meaning of extra dimensions in string theory and how they lead to new symmetries of physics. A novel kind of symmetry is duality, which allows the emergence of Einstein's gravity from a generalization of the quantum fields of light.