• Sep 15 2019

    Roberto Trotta (Imperial College) AIMS: Roberto Trotta (Imperial College)

    Dear All

    You are warmly invited to this informal seminar this coming Monday at the AIMS Research Centre. Lunch will follow the seminar where Roberto will be available to answer any further questions.

    When: Monday 4th April at 12PM
    Where: AIMS Research Centre
    Speaker: Roberto Trotta (Imperial College)

    Title: new constraints on cosmological parameters from SNIa data

    Abstract: In this informal talk I will describe a new Bayesian hierarchical model for cosmological parameters constraints from SALTII lightcurve fits of SNIa data. I will demonstrate that our new method delivers constraints that are up to 40% tighter than can be obtained from the standard chi-square procedure. I will also sketch how the Bayesian approach can be applied to estimate systematic errors.

    All are welcome.

    Warm Regards