• Apr 07 2011

    UCT Seminar: Prof Sally Seidel, University of New Mexico, USA

    Dear all,

    on Thursday, 7 April, Prof Sally Seidel, University of New Mexico, USA, will give a presentation

    Heavy quarks and the Strong Potential

    The strong force differs from the other three fundamental forces in exhibiting the property of confinement: it prevents quarks from existing in unbound states. Despite 30 years of theoretical effort, the basis of the confinement mechanism is still a matter of conjecture. One way that experimentalists can address this question is to map the shape of the strong potential over the broadest possible range. A variety of models, some QCD-inspired and some not, have been proposed to describe the strong potential. Families of bound states of unlike heavy quarks provide a unique laboratory for extracting the form of the strong potential. These states are being produced in significant numbers for the first time at the Large Hadron Collider. I will review the status of Bc studies at the Fermilab Tevatron, then describe our preparations to use data from the ATLAS Experiment to measure masses of the excited Bc mesons; from these, the shape of the Strong Potential may then be inferred.

    when: Thursday, 7 April 2011, 14h00

    where: Lecture Hall Beta (3002)

    All welcome!