• Mar 30 2011

    AIMS Seminar: Dr Roberto Trotta (Imperial College)

    Dear All

    You are warmly invited to the next Joint Cape Town Cosmology Colloquium taking place tomorrow at AIMS. Please see the details below.

    Speaker: Dr Roberto Trotta (Imperial College)

    Title: Recent advances in cosmological model building

    Date: Wednesday 30 March, 2011

    Time: 12 noon (followed by lunch)

    Venue: Main lecture theatre at AIMS


    As we enter the second decade of the 21st century, precision cosmology has become a mature science. The focus is now shifting from the determination of the parameters characterizing our Universe (which are now measured to sub-percent accuracy) to testing fundamental models and competing theories to explain the large variety of data at our disposal.

    In this talk I will review recent advances in cosmological model building, presenting the current observational situation and the statistical tools used to compare different theoretical models. As illustrative examples, I will focus on the questions of whether the Universe is infinite, whether dark energy is a cosmological constant, and how to decide which is the "best" model of inflation.

    Warm Regards
    Michelle Knights (AIMS Research Centre)