• Mar 23 2011

    NITheP Stellenbosch Seminar: Prof Roy Maartens (UWC)

    NITheP cordially invites you to a seminar by:

    Roy Maartens
    University of the Western Cape

    Date: Wednesday 23rd of March 2011
    Time: 15:00
    Venue: NITheP Stellenbosch Seminar room

    TITLE: Mysteries of the Universe

    ABSTRACT: I will describe some of the key features of our current model of the Universe, based on Einstein's General Relativity and the Standard Model of Particle Physics, with minimal extensions. I will focus on the key puzzles that confront this model.

    Navrae/Enquiries: Prof M Kastner
    Tel: 021 808 3863
    Email: Kastner@sun.ac.za

    Download pdf file