• Feb 23 2011

    UCT Physics Colloquim: Prof David Wolfe, University of New Mexico

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    Dear all,

    on Wednesday, 23 Feb, Prof David Wolfe, University of New Mexico, will give a presentation

    Thomas Young, The Man who knew Everything

    Thomas Young is known to every physics student as the man who first demonstrated the wave nature of light through two slit interference. But this is only one of the discoveries of this amazing polymath. From his work on annuities for insurers to the invention of the term Indo-European for languages, to his work on deciphering the Rosetta Stone, to writing 63 articles for the Encycolpaedia Brittanica, Young made his living primarily as a doctor of medicine. His major contributions to so many varied fields allow us to call him The Man Who Knew Everything.

    when: Wed, 23 Feb 2011, 12:00 to 13:00

    where: Duncan Elliott Seminar Room, RW James Building

    All welcome!