• Feb 21 2011

    AIMS Seminar at the ARC, followed by lunch at AIMS

    Speaker: Timothy Clifton (Oxford University)

    Dear All

    You are warmly invited to next week's seminar at the ARC, followed by lunch at AIMS where you'll have the opportunity to chat to our speaker.

    When: 12 noon, Monday 21 February
    Where: The Hall, ARC, AIMS
    Speaker: Timothy Clifton (Oxford University)

    Title: The problem of averaging in cosmology

    Abstract: Averages are often used in cosmology, and are at the heart of the FLRW model of the Universe. They allow us to apply simple descriptions to space-times that are locally very complicated, and facilitate the construction of a frame-work within which we can make sense of cosmological observables. Within the context of general relativity, however, averaging provides a number of fundamental problems. It is not clear exactly how averaging should be done in a generally covariant, non-linear theory such as Einstein's, and what should be expected even if it is. I will briefly discuss some of these issues, as well my own attempts to investigate the emergence of FLRW on large scales in space-times that are locally inhomogeneous.