• Feb 14 2011

    AIMS Cosmology Seminar at the ARC, followed by lunch at AIMS

    Claudia Quercellini (University of Rome Tor Vergata)

    Dear all

    You are warmly invited to the next cosmology seminar at the ARC,
    followed by lunch at AIMS, where we encourage you to chat with Claudia.

    When: 12 noon, Monday 14 February
    Where: The Hall, ARC, AIMS
    Speaker: Claudia Quercellini (University of Rome Tor Vergata)

    Title: Real-time Cosmology

    In recent years the possibility of measuring the temporal change of
    radial and transverse position of sources in the sky in real time have
    become conceivable thanks to the thoroughly improved technique applied
    to new astrometric and spectroscopic experiments, leading to the
    research domain we call Real-time cosmology. We review for the first
    time great part of the work done in this field, analysing both the
    theoretical framework and some endeavor to foresee the observational
    strategies and their capability to constrain models. We firstly focus
    on real time measurements of the overall redshift drift and angular
    separation shift in distant source, able to trace background cosmic
    expansion and large scale anisotropy, respectively. We then examine
    the possibility of employing the same kind of observations to probe
    peculiar and proper acceleration in clustered systems and therefore
    the gravitational potential.