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Programme for Nuclear Physics

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  • May 16 2011

    16 - 27 May 2011 International Workshop on Nuclear Physics

    An International Workshop on Nuclear Physics will take place from 16 - 27 May 2011 at the Stellenbosch Institute for Advance Study (STIAS), Stellenbosch.


    National Science Foundation

    National Institute for Theoretical Physics

    Date and Duration

    16 - 27 May 2011


    Please view the PDF document at the bottom right hand of this page


    Stellenbosch Institute for Advanced Study (STIAS) http://www.stias.ac.za, Stellenbosch, South Africa, a beautiful research & visitor center in the scenic university town of Stellenbosch.

    A brochure about the venue can be downloaded here http://www.stias.ac.za/STIASBrochure.pdf.

    Hosted by

    The National Institute for Theoretical Physics (NITheP), South Africa

    Organizing Committee

    Bruce Barrett (Arizona)
    Jacek Dobaczewski (Warsaw)
    Hans Feldmeier (GSI)
    Kobus Lawrie (iThemba Laboratory for Accelerator-Based Sciences)
    Witek Nazarewicz (Tennessee)
    Frederik Scholtz (NITheP).


    To serve as a practicum for young physicists in Southern Africa regarding the current status of experimental and theoretical nuclear physics and to establish or enhance research contacts with physicists in South Africa for the purpose of creating future collaborations.


    A 10 day workshop with 2 or 3 in depth morning lectures followed after lunch by working, "hands-on" sessions among the senior and junior participants.

    Speakers and Topics

    Eric R Anderson, Ohio State University
    "Nuclear Observables at Low Resolution"

    Bruce Barrett, University of Arizona
    "Overview of the Basic Properties of Atomic Nuclei"

    Carlos Bertulani, Texas A&M University-Commerce
    "Reactions with Rare Isotopes"

    Angelo Calci, TU Darmstadt
    "Nuclear structure with chiral NN+3N interactions"

    Richard Casten, Yale University
    "Simple Patterns and Symmetries in Nuclei"

    Heather Crawford, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
    "Introduction to Exotic Nuclei: Importance and Experimental Detection"

    Regina de Azevedo, University of Arizona
    "Mixed One-Pion Exchange and Auxiliary-Field Potential"

    Jacek Dobaczewski, University of Warsaw
    "Why, how, and what for the energy density functionals in nuclei"

    Hans Feldmeier, GSI
    "Introduction to many-body quantum systems"

    Anna Hayes, LANL
    "Applications of Nuclear Physics"

    Meredith Howard, Rutgers University
    "Laying the Ground Work for Running Nuclear Physics Experiments - A Step-by-Step Guide and Checklist"

    Elena Litvinova, GSI
    "Extensions of the covariant density functional theory and collective phenomena in nuclei"

    Witold Nazarewicz, University of Tennessee
    "Information content of a nuclear observable"
    "Atomic nuclei as open quantum systems"

    Steven Pain, Oak Ridge National Lab (ORNL)
    "Where did we come from? - An introduction to nuclear astrophysics"

    Thomas Papenbrock, University of Tennessee
    "Effective theory for deformed nuclei"

    Thomas Rodriguez, GSI
    "Beyond mean-field for spectroscopy of exotic nuclei"

    Robert Roth, TU Darmstadt
    "Similarity Transformations and Ab Initio Many-Body Methods in Nuclear Structure"

    Jimmy Rotureau, University of Arizona
    "Effective Field Theory for the Nuclear Shell Model"

    Leslie Schradin,
    "Tutorial in Computational Physics"

    Haik Simon, GSI
    "Crossing bounds: From exotic nuclear systems to FAIR"

    Ionel Stetcu, University of Washington
    "Applications of the time-dependent superfluid local-density approximation to fermionic systems"

    Bira van Kolck, University of Arizona
    "Shallow Nuclei in Effective Field Theory"

    Jochen Wambach, TU Darmstadt
    "Introduction to Neutron Stars"

    Sherry Yennello, Texas A & M University
    "How to boil a nucleus and what do we learn from it?"

    PLEASE NOTE: Additional speakers will be added in the near future

    Registration Deadline

    All registrations close on the 18th of April 2011

    Registration Cost (not applicable to invited speakers and students receiving financial support)

    A registration cost of ZAR3900 is payable by all participants (except invited speakers and students receiving financial support). This includes coffee and lunch for the ten conference days as well as the conference dinner.

    Participants must make their own dinner arrangements, except on the evening of the conference dinner.

    The registration fee must be paid in advance to Stellenbosch University, NITheP.

    Banking detail: (for international participants)
    Bank: First National Bank Cape Town
    Physical Address: 5th Floor Media City
    No 1 Heerengracht
    Rua Vasco Da Gama Entrance
    Cape Town
    Account name: University of Stellenbosch Foreign Income
    Account number: 62107177083
    Branch Code: 204 109
    S.W.I.F.T Address: FIRNZAJJ
    Reference: R1386/Initial and Surname

    Banking detail: (for local/South African participants)
    Bank: Standard Bank
    Account name: US Deposito
    Account number: 073006955
    Branch code: 050610
    Reference: R1386/Initial and Surname

    Financial Support (only available to South African and African students)

    NITheP can provide financial support, which includes travel, accommodation and conference fee for a limited number of South African or African students.

    Accommodation and Travel (information pertaining to Invited Speakers)

    Invited speakers are responsible for the payment of their accommodation and travel arrangements. The cost can then be claimed from the organizing committee. (Please note that NITheP will provide Airport Transfers to and from Cape Town International Airport and Stellenbosch)

    NITheP has made a block booking at two guest houses.namely Roosenwijn Guest House and Bonne Esperance Guest House. These two guest houses are opposite one another and within 5 minutes walking distance from the conference venue STIAS.

    Please find the cost, contact and banking details below.

    Roosenwijn Guest House
    They offer double rooms at ZAR 900 per evening and single rooms at ZAR550 per evening. Breakfast included in both options.

    Roosenwijn Guest House Banking Details:
    Bank: Standard Bank
    Branch name: Stellenbosch
    Branch Code: 05 06 10
    Account number: 27 021 6685
    Swift Code: SBZAZAJJ

    Roosenwijn Guesthouse Contact Details:
    Tel: +27-21-8833338
    Fax: +27-86 505 3960
    Contact person: Cisca

    Bonne Esperance Guest House
    They offer double rooms at ZAR900 per evening for a "double Classic" and single rooms at ZAR550 for a "single Classic" Breakfast included in both options.

    Bonne Esperance Banking Details:
    Bank: First National Bank
    Type of account: Business Cheque Account
    Branch name: Stellenbosch
    Branch Code: 200610
    Account number: 6210 730 3381
    Swift Code: FIRNZAJJ

    Bonne Esperance Guesthouse Contact Details:
    Tel: +27-21-887-0225
    Fax: +27-21-887-8328
    Contact person: Annemien or Astrid

    Accommodation and Travel (General Participants)

    General Participants (i.e not Invited Speaker or Supported Students) are responsible for their own travel and accommodation arrangements. (Please note that NITheP will provide Airport Transfers to and from Cape Town International Airport and Stellenbosch)

    For a list of guest houses see

    Recommended Guest Houses:

    Accommodation and Travel (information pertaining to students receiving financial support)

    NITheP will arrange travel and accommodation for students that receive financial support from NITheP.


    Autumn (April and May) are considered one of the best times to visit Cape Town and surroundings. The climate is between the hot, windy summer climate (November-February) and the wet, colder winter months (June-August). You can expect day temperatures of 15-20 degrees centigrade and mostly sunshine, although spells of rain lasting a few days are possible.

    Travel information

    The town of Stellenbosch is situated in the Western Cape Province of South Africa, a destination that is popular with both local and international travelers. Stellenbosch is located 55km to the east of Cape Town and 20km inland from the Atlantic coast of False Bay. The town of Stellenbosch is flanked by mountains on the South and East that afford excellent hiking opportunities. The farmlands surrounding Stellenbosch form part of the Cape Winelands, South Africa's premier wine-growing region. Cape Town International Airport is half an hour's drive away. The workshop venue is close to the center of town, and both the venue and the town center are within easy walking distance of participants' accommodation. During any visit to the Western Cape, it is well worth taking some time to explore some of the region's many tourist attractions. Information in this regard is available at http://www.tourismcapetown.co.za and similar websites. Since public transport infrastructure is rather limited, travelers are advised to make use of metered taxis or to hire a car for longer distance travel.

    Transport from/to Airport

    Free transport to and from Cape Town International Airport (http://www.capetown-airport.com/) will be arranged for all participants.

    Tourist attractions

    South Africa is a popular tourist destination, and receives over two and a half million international visitors per year. Information about tourist attractions is available at http://bit.ly/1g3a7j and similar websites. A number of good travel guide books http://bit.ly/b7W9ht are also available.

    Weekend excursions

    Information will be made available upon arrival.

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