• Oct 11 2010

    Celebrating 50 years of the Laser

    Celebrating 50 years of the laser: Lanzerac Hotel, Stellenbosch 11 October 2010

    To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the laser, four world-renowned physicists will give public lectures aimed at the general public, students and scholars. The function will be held at the Lanzerac Hotel in Stellenbosch. Entrance is free.
    The first talk will be by Jan Govaerts (Catholic University of Louvain), with the title "Uncle Albert's unfinished symphony". It will start at 15:30.
    The second talk, at 16:15, will be by Sir Peter Knight (Imperial College), and the title is "Lasers at 50".
    At 17:00 there will be an hour's break, when refreshments will be served. The Stellenbosch Laser Student Chapter will do a laser demonstration during the break.
    At 18:00 Neil Turok (Perimeter Institute) will start his lecture titled "What banged?"
    Finally, at 18:45, Jim Gates (University of Maryland) will give his lecture, "Is reality a matrix?".
    The sponsors for this event are: NITheP (National Institute for Theoretical Physics), iThemba LABS, and LRI (Laser Research Institute).

    For more information please contact René Kotzé on 021 808 2653 or renekotze@sun.ac.za.

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