• Mar 07 2011

    "Equilibration and Equilibrium"

    2nd Stellenbosch Workshop on Statistical Physics


    07 March 2011 to 18 March 2011


    National Institute for Theoretical Physics, Wallenberg Research Centre, Stellenbosch, South Africa.


    The workshop aims to bring together international and South African researchers interested in Statistical Physics, and in particular in equilibration and equilibrium. Two topics have been selected to be in the main focus of the workshop: First, typicality as a framework for understanding equilibrium and the approach to equilibrium in quantum systems; and, second, different equilibrium states (like microcanonical, canonical, and grandcanonical) and the possibility of nonequivalence of statistical ensembles. It is, however, not by chance that the workshop title "Equilibration and Equilibrium" is broadly phrased such as to invite participation of researchers with interests in a wide range of related fields. The aim is to provide researchers with opportunities for sharing recent results, initiating new collaborations and/or continuing existing collaborations.


    A two-week workshop. Mornings will be taken up by a light schedule of talks (3 talks per day, each of 1 hour duration). Afternoons will be kept free and are intended for discussions, collaborations, or individual work as participants see fit. To ensure the creative atmosphere of a workshop, the number of participants is intended to be fairly small (approx. 30). For the same reason, participants are urged to stay, if possible, for the full two weeks of the workshop.


    Michele Campisi (Augsburg)
    Lapo Casetti (Firenze)
    Jens Eisert (Potsdam)
    Sheldon Goldstein (Rutgers)
    Michael Hauer (Frankfurt)
    Felix Izrailev (Puebla)
    Wolfhard Janke (Leipzig)
    Salem Kessal (Algiers)
    Michael Kiessling (Rutgers)
    Roberto Livi (Firenze)
    Günther Mahler (Stuttgart)
    Kristian Müller-Nedebock (Stellenbosch)
    Rytis Paskauskas (Stellenbosch)
    Anatoli Polkovnikov (Boston)
    Harald Posch (Wien)
    Wojciech de Roeck (Heidelberg)
    Abbas Saberi (Tehran)
    Lea Ferreira dos Santos (New York)
    Navinder Singh (Ahmedabad)
    Gernot Schaller (Berlin)
    Hugo Touchette (London)


    The workshop will start with a reception in the late afternoon of Monday, 07th March 2011. It will finish on Friday, 18th March, after lunch.

    Note: (T) is for Tutorial, (R) for Research Talk

    Financial Assistance:

    Financial assistance is available for students from South African and African universities. Interested students can apply for their local costs (including registration fee, lunch, coffee breaks, and accommodation) to be covered, as well as travel costs within South Africa. Unfortunately, we do not have the financial means to cover international air tickets. To apply, please contact the organizer.


    The registration fee (including lunch and coffee breaks) is ZAR1500. A registration form is available on this page. Deadline for registration is 30 November 2010. Note that the number of participants is strictly limited and early registration may therefore be advisable.

    Student Involvement:

    Apart from research talks, the program will consist of a number of introductory lectures, suitable also for graduate students. The participation of graduate students from South Africa is particularly encouraged.


    Prof. Michael Kastner (National Institute for Theoretical Physics, South Africa), kastner@sun.ac.za, 27-(0)21-808-3863.