• Aug 11 2010

    Interactions in Non-Commutative Quantum Mechanics

    NITheP cordially invites you to a seminar by: Andreas Hafver of Stellenbosch University
    Date: Wednesday 11th of August 2010
    Time: 15:00
    Venue: NITheP Stellenbosch Seminar room
    TITLE: Interactions in Non-Commutative Quantum Mechanics
    ABSTRACT: It was recently shown by Scholtz et al. (J. Phys. A: Math.
    Theor. 42, 175303) that a consistent formulation of non-commutative quantum mechanics, featuring an unambiguous interpretation of position measurement, is possible within the existing framework of quantum mechanics.
    In this talk I will demonstrate how the latter formalism naturally may be extended to many-particle systems and can be linked up with non-commutative field theory. We uncover some generic effects of non-commutativity on interactions, and encounter an apparent violation of Pauli%u2019s exclusion principle.
    Navrae/Enquiries: Prof M Kastner
    Tel: 021 808 3863
    Email: Kastner@sun.ac.za